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BID-TO-EARN Auctions
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What is a bid-to-earn auction?
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Join the frenliest community in crypto!
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What is haunt 2?
The Second Ever Minting of Aavegotchis
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Haunt 2 is the second minting of Aavegotchi Portals. When opened, each Portal randomly generates 10 Aavegotchi. Choose your favorite Aavegotchi from the 10 and summon it. Thats when the Portal's metadata transforms into your chosen Aavegotchi.
You can collect and trade both closed and opened Portals and summon an Aavegotchi at any time of your choosing!
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What's New in Haunt 2?
15,000 total Haunt 2 Portal NFTs
80% in this auction / 20% in a Raffle
New Collaterals
3 new themes (wBTC, wMATIC, and wETH)
New Eye Shapes
New Mythical-Low and Mythical-High eyes
Rookie Leaderboards
Two new leaderboards only for Haunt 2
Rarity Farming
40% of auction revenue funds Rarity Farming
Bid-to-earn Auction checklist
Connect a wallet to
Connect to Polygon
Get GHST to Polygon
Hold some GHST
You're ready to bid!
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